An innovative West Michigan program called Kids’ Food Basket, created after a school principal witnessed children digging through trash looking for food to take home for supper, is helping fill young tummies at dinner time.
At the end of each school day, Kids’ Food Basket sack suppers are distributed to approximately 1,300 children in six Muskegon schools where 70% or more of the students receive free or reduced-cost lunches. Each supper includes a serving of fruit, a protein, vegetables and a healthy snack.
Recently Kids’ Food Basket created an initiative to encourage donors to make a financial contribution each month to create sustainable funding. Those gifts help support a robust youth volunteer program and provide food and food education for children. For example, a monthly gift of $50 can provide bananas, which are loaded with healthy potassium, for an entire class for a month!
The Osteopathic Foundation was delighted to award the Kids’ Food Basket monthly giving program a matching grant of $5,000 to provide food and to help stimulate donations that support Muskegon children. “The Osteopathic Foundation of West Michigan knows that when children are well nourished, they have the opportunity to succeed in school and life,” said Bridget Clark Whitney, founding CEO of Kids’ Food Basket.
“Our partnership with the Foundation is a tremendous example of how cross-sector partnerships can enhance the health of a community. With strong kids, we have a strong West Michigan! We are grateful for this generous donation that will fuel our future to reach more children.”