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We’re creating a healthier community using osteopathic principles.

We believe a community-wide pursuit of wellness that encompasses body, mind, and spirit is vital to the success of the Muskegon-Lakeshore area.

We fill critical and strategic gaps in wellness resources to ensure that every Lakeshore resident has local access to health care now and for decades to come.

A look back in time.

West Michigan has been home to osteopathic physicians for many generations.  In 1942, a group of 21 Osteopathic physicians and surgeons opened Muskegon Osteopathic Hospital as a small private hospital, which grew to become Muskegon General Hospital.  In 1998, Muskegon General Hospital merged with Mercy Hospital to form Mercy General Health Partners, which has now become Mercy Health — part of the nationwide Trinity Health System.  Click here to read the full story, or explore the interactive timeline below.

Our Board of Directors

José A. Infante Chairperson Patricia J. Roy, D.O. Vice Chairperson Mark F. Fazakerley Treasurer Harry R. Arthur, D.O. Director Gerald A. Harriman, D.O Secretary Dennis L. Cherette, C.C.I.M. Director Justin E. Grill, D.O. Director Thomas M. Graff, D.O. Director Fredric D. Levin, D.O. Director Paul E. Lomeo, D.O. Director Frank P. Marczak, Ed.D. Director Carol J. Markiewicz, D.O. Director Steven A. Speet, D.O. Director Roger W. Spoelman, D.B.A. Director Steven T. Wisneski Director